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Kim and Pearl spending time together

With a mission to enable individuals to have Great Days with independence and dignity at home, we’re intentional about how we match clients with caregivers to create long-lasting relationships, like Pearl and Kim who have been together for two years.

“We laugh, we talk, and we are helpful for each other”, said Kim, HAH caregiver.

Help at Home employee assisting a client with skilled nursing care

Help at Home also provides in-home skilled nursing care for individuals like Meredith. Help at Home nurses Darlene and Demetria have helped Meredith live with independence and dignity at home for over five years. Hear more about Darlene and Demetria and their collaborative client-centric approach here:

Meet our Caregiver Pam and Help at Home client Yolanda from Indiana. They’ve formed an amazing bond. For the two of them, laughter is the best medicine for Great Days and Meaningful Moments.

Kim, a Help at Home Caregiver, and Pearl, a Help at Home client

"In life we never think we’re going to get sick to the point where it takes our independence away."

—Kim, HAH caregiver
Pearl, a Help at Home client

"It feels good to have someone help me do the things I used to be able to do and can’t do anymore. "

—Pearl, HAH client
Darlene, a nurse working with Help at Home

"When I first came to Help at Home it was a big change for me, I wasn’t exhausted anymore and I really felt like it was an aha moment, like I had really accomplished something."

—Darlene, HAH nurse
Demetria, a nurse with Help at Home

"I have been working at Help at Home and with Meredith for 5 1/2 years now and I can’t see myself working in any other career path."

—Demetria, HAH nurse

We’re expanding our family of caregivers in your community. Learn more about how to find home care or home health services for yourself or a loved one or becoming a caregiver.