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A Perfect Match

Our goal to match client needs with the right caregiver skills and demographics provides the foundation for long-term relationships between the two. This focus and attention to relationship-building further magnifies the caregiver’s ability to be the eyes and ears for the client, and to identify social determinants of health which could avert adverse incidents in the home.

Meaningful Relationships

As a result of intentional caregiver-client matching, our average matched relationship is four years.  Having meaningful relationships allows our caregivers to be the eyes and ears in the home.  Our trained, observant and compassionate caregivers are there to prevent falls, stove burns, loneliness, depression, and other issues that can lead to hospital stays or assisted living stays resulting in higher medical bills.  Our commitment to training and oversight in order to drive quality care includes:

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  • Robust recruiting engine to quickly meet client needs
  • Extensive pre-service training to ensure caregiver competency and empathy
  • Continuing education for caregivers to enhance knowledge and skills
  • Regular in-home supervisory visits to assess caregiver effectiveness and client satisfaction
  • Supervisor/caregiver face-to-face reviews
  • Technology enhancements (partially deployed) remotely monitoring visit initiation, completion and activity tracking
  • Complaint tracking and resolution