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Celebrating Help at Home Great Days and Meaningful Moments

Each one of our Help at Home clients are special to us. And we’re excited to celebrate their Great Days and Meaningful Moments whenever we learn about them.

Pictured above: Kevin and His Mother, Chris, at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics

We’d like to highlight Kevin for his Great Days and Meaningful Moments! Kevin has been a Williamsburg, PA, Help at Home client for over 5 years. His mom, Christina is his caregiver. He has a unique tenacity and will to overcome adversity that should be celebrated. Here’s his story.

He started in archery when he was 11 years old. Even at that young age, he won a world championship! At 15, Kevin became the youngest professional archer in his field.

In 1999, when Kevin was 16 years old, he was in a terrible car accident that rendered him paralyzed, a T-7 paraplegic. Kevin didn’t let that stop him; his adversity didn’t hold him back. Approximately seven months after his car accident, he not only began to relearn archery again, but he participated in the biggest archery competition in the nation.  Amazingly, he earned a third place medal!

The tragic accident made him realize he had to move forward and go on with his life. “Archery saved my life.”

Then, in 2016, he again faced adversity, with a diagnosis of bladder cancer. After undergoing surgery, Kevin continued to compete in various tournaments. He ranked in the top 20 archery shooter in the world.

Also in 2016, Kevin participated in the Paralympics where he earned a bronze medal! Coming back strong, Kevin participated in the Paralympics yet again in 2021. He continued to stay on top of his game, coming in strong in 16th place.

Kevin has plenty of other talents in addition to archery that include hunting, fishing and cooking what he catches. We’re so proud of Kevin and his mom for making so many Great Days and Meaningful Moments!