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Making Holidays Special: Judy and Luanne’s Story

We recently sat down with Judy, a Help at Home client in New Albany, IN, to find out what matters most from a client’s viewpoint.  

“I first started thinking about the need for care when I realized I couldn’t do certain things on my own,” Judy said. “There were some things that were hard for me to do. The first thing I stopped doing was driving. I ran a red light, and it scared me so bad I said ‘that’s the end of it. I don’t want to be responsible for somebody being killed because of bad driving.’” 

Judy works with Help at Home caregivers now, including Luanne. Ten years ago, she chose Help at Home as her at-home care company to assist her with activities of daily living, things like helping with laundry, meal preparation, personal hygiene and transportation and other errands. Without this type of support and care, Judy would have to turn to an assisted living facility.  

“There are days where I can hardly move because I have arthritis so bad,” says Judy. “There are days that are pretty darn rough, especially in the winters. “There are days when Luanne is my arms and legs.”  

Luanne also provides Judy with companionship, so she doesn’t feel isolated and alone, which can negatively affect a person’s mental and physical health. Not only does Judy get to enjoy companionship, but the pair enjoy a lot of the same hobbies. They are especially active during the holidays. They make cakes, cookies, gingerbread men and candies. With Judy’s arthritis, she needs Luanne’s help to bake, as well as help to transport and deliver the baked goods to her favorite people. Judy also loves crafts and decorating. Luanne helps her to make ornaments, as well as decorate during the holidays. Judy is thankful for caregivers like Luanne, for helping to make her holidays festive and her days special. 

“I’m not one that likes to sit around and do nothing,” Judy said. “I like to be busy. Even though there are some things that I can’t do … I want to live the best life I can, while I can.” 

Luanne and Judy feel like their relationship was meant to be. 

“I think the big man upstairs brought us together,” Luanne said. “Big explosive stars aligned.” 

“It worked out for the best,” said Judy.” It really did. It was the best thing that could have happened to both of us.”