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Our Culture of Caring

The cornerstone of our culture is built on quality-focused support and ongoing resources provided for our caregivers at the local level. In many cases, training is conducted by supervisors who’ve advanced within Help at Home from former caregiver roles. Our focus on matching caregiver-client also helps to create a caring bond between caregiver and client, spanning the average length of four years.

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Support Leads to Success and Career Advancement

Named as a top employer for new graduates, we’re focused on our employees and caregivers as the center of our talent model. We offer competitive rates paired with ample yet reasonable hours — that includes multiple shift availability and flexible scheduling.

Our caregiver focus inspires us to provide career support for those interested in turning a job into a career with a caring and compassionate team. We nurture those caregivers with growth and career opportunities to further those advancement goals. United by pride in our work, we treat our employees and our caregivers like family, and they treat our clients the same, with high-quality and compassionate care.