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Preferred or Family Caregiving Offers Work/Life Balance Solution and the Comforts of Home

Amy D. of Horsham, PA, always knew that her mother, Marguerite, was a remarkable woman. She was born with cerebral palsy and is also deaf. But she was also just mom, teaching her children sign language so they could communicate with her and driving them around town, doing mom things.  

But four years ago, as Marguerite was turning 70, she started to need help. She became more at-risk of falling and needed assistance throughout the day. Her daughter, Amy, wanted to be there for her mom. It was really difficult working at her job at the grocery store, being a parent to her children and taking care of her mother more and more.  Amy learned about the family caregiver program with Help at Home in Pennsylvania that allows caregivers to be paid for caring for their loved ones. 

She’s so happy to be able to better balance her life. By serving as a caregiver for her mother, it allows her to earn a living, have time to take care of her children and — a big bonus is that it also affords her mother the opportunity to receive care in the comfort of home. 

Paid Family Caregiving Can Bring Entire Families Closer 

When Amy thinks about the differences between at-home care and being in an assisted living facility, she is so glad that at-home is an option for her mom. Amy is able to help Marguerite get exercise and maintain a relationship with her grandkids by attending sporting and school events.  

Amy remembers when her grandparents went into assisted living when she was younger. “I missed my grandparents so much,” she said. She’s relieved that Marguerite and her grandchildren are able to have a closer relationship. 

Amy said it also gives her whole family peace of mind, knowing that Marguerite is cared for by someone who can communicate with her and understands her story and her challenges. “It’s made us closer,” she said.  

Caregiving can be meaningful for family members – and nonfamily members  

Amy said she almost couldn’t believe that she could get paid for taking care of her own mother. But the Pennsylvania Department of Aging offers an option like this so that caregivers can work with agencies that can provide caregiver training and ongoing support.  

Amy said the most important thing for a caregiver is patience and compassion. If you come to the job with those qualities, you can make someone’s life better, she said.  

Of course, not everyone had a family member nearby who can fulfill the role, even as a paid professional. That’s why Help at Home provides a professional team of in-home caregivers who can assist anyone who needs it.