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Tips for What Makes a Good Caregiver from Caregiver of the Year Becky from Dubois

We want to congratulate Becky of Dubois, PA for being recognized as a Help at Home Caregiver of the Year! 

Here’s more about Becky’s caregiving experience including some great tips!  

Becky said that before she became a professional Help at Home caregiver, she had helped her grandparents and great-grandparents. She said that her experience – plus running her own home – prepared her for becoming a caregiver last year.  

“I work with a nice lady who just needs some extra help,” Becky said. “I’m basically doing the stuff I do at my own house like laundry, meal preparation, and cleaning.”  

These tasks feel routine to Becky, but they are vital to her client. Becky’s help allows the client to continue living in her home, where she wants to be. 

Just as Becky learned the basic skills by caring for family members and kids, many caregivers report that family experiences are good preparation. Sometimes caregivers may have worked in schools or in non-medical roles with senior citizens. Becky had also previously worked in a school cafeteria.  

Tips for successful caregiving  

  1. Keep everyone informed. Becky said that small problems can become big problems when left unmentioned. So, she always makes sure to alert a family member and/or her supervisor about any changes going on with the client for example if they are having more trouble walking on their own. “If you get the help right away, you may prevent something bigger – like a hospital visit,” she said. 
  2. Stick with the routine. Becky said that it’s easier on the client if there is order and structure to their day. Her main client already had a good routine that family caregivers had put into place.  By sticking with that routine, she won the trust of her client.
  3. Follow the clients lead. Becky said that her role is to be there for the client and do what she wants the client to do – whether that’s laundry, vacuuming, or making a meal. The client knows what will help them the most.
  4. Make conversation. “It’s whatever they want to talk about,” she said. Not only do the clients enjoy this, but it is also good for them – giving them important social interaction.
  5. Be yourself.  “They want to know about you and you want to know about them,” Becky said. “Just be yourself and be open and friendly.”