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Transformative Care Management Program Connects Home Care to Health Care

First-year results demonstrate significantly improved quality and cost outcomes; client and caregiver satisfaction

[CHICAGO, Ill. – Feb. 27 2024] Help at Home, the leading national provider of innovative, high-quality, relationship-based in-home personal care services, announced today the first-year results of its innovative care management program, Care Coordination from Help at Home, highlighting the program’s dramatic impact on client engagement quality and cost outcomes, as well as client and caregiver satisfaction.

Care Coordination is a holistic model of personal care services that connects home care to health care through a unique care management platform with a value-based care delivery model. The company’s longitudinal relationships with clients – on average caregivers spend 21 hours per week across a four-year relationship – provide valuable insights into clients’ physical and behavioral health conditions and health-related social needs.

“We set out to change the way in-home personal care is delivered, and we’re pleased with the results in the program’s ability to address access to care, health-related social needs (HRSN) and unmet client health needs successfully,” said President of Care Coordination Julie McCarter. “We’re impacting the quality of our clients’ lives – and creating value in the health care ecosystem via access to the home environment.”

The report details the program’s successful impact on its partners, clients and caregivers through the first full year of implementation across four markets. Through caregiver observations from simple, digital capture of physical, behavioral and environmental conditions, data is analyzed by the company’s proprietary predictive analytics platform and a Clinical Support Team composed of data scientists, nurses and community health workers who connect clients with necessary care or community resources as needed.

The report is an analysis of more than 1M observations that sparked 4,000 proactive interventions that connect home care to the broader health care ecosystem. Results at a high-level include but not limited to the following:

  • Reconnecting 70% of clients to health care
  • Emergency Department utilization decrease by 31%
  • Inpatient admission declines by 37% compared to the program’s 2022 benchmark
  • Connecting 43% of clients to necessary community resources
  • Demonstrating a 51% improvement in depressive symptoms experienced

“The results of successfully engaging hard-to-reach populations – especially dual-eligibles – with culturally competent, wrap-around clinical efforts are proving that they reduce emergency room visits, close preventive gaps in care, increase primary care services and optimize health and social services consumption,” said McCarter.

Click here to learn more about Help at Home’s Care Coordination program.

About Help at Home

Help at Home is the leading national provider of high-quality, relationship-based home care services offering innovative programs designed to help seniors and underserved populations remain healthy in their homes. As of September 30, 2023, Help at Home operated more than 180 branch locations across 11 states and provided in-home personal care and other home-based services to more than 68,000 clients with the help of more than 54,000 highly trained and compassionate caregivers. Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Help at Home has 50 years of operating experience in the home care industry. For more information about Help at Home, visit