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Help at Home Career Opportunities through Acquisitions

Galit Aminov

Galit Aminov, worked for Prime Home Care for 17 years. She transitioned to Help at Home with the acquisition of Prime Home Care a few years ago. Her opportunities since that time have expanded and she’s excited about the impact she can make with Help at Home.

“You know at Help at Home, it’s true what they say… they care about the people, not just the patients but also the employees,” she said. “They take time to get to know you, to know who they are working with, and they give you the ability to grow.”

As she looked at the jobs, one stood out as a natural fit – the Quality and Compliance Leader for Ohio. It was a higher position than she previously held. But, she was ready and had lots of valuable experience, so she applied and was pleased to receive the promotion. “They took the time to talk to me, to see my strengths and really know me.”

Now, Galit is experiencing new career opportunities – including traveling to an AGILE Access training conference in Texas. Those opportunities were much rarer for a smaller company like Prime Home Care. “Now, I feel like the sky is unlimited”, she says.

Galit believes that Help at Home does a good job of ensuring career opportunities for everyone – and promoting from within is encouraged.

“It just got me very excited because those kinds of things I didn’t have before and now I’m able to learn more about the industry.”