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Career Advancement at Help at Home

Depending on your interest and career goals, caregiving can be a lifelong occupation or part of a career journey. Help at Home values caregivers and promoting from within.

“I will go as far as they will let me go in this company. I believe heart and soul in this company…Every day, we are helping someone who wouldn’t be able to get a meal or get to the bathroom without us. That’s what fills my cup. I enjoy helping people.”

  • Malissa, Case manager who has received two promotions since starting at Help at Home,
    Erie PA

“Homecare is not just one particular job or position… it takes all of us as a team.”

  • Shasta, Recruiting specialist who has also worked as a scheduler and a caregiver at Help at Home
    Winchester, IN

“It feels good to know we are helping people live healthier, independent lives,”

  • Kinya, Former caregiver who is now a care coordinator
    Dubois, PA