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How to Create a New Account on

Step 1:

Click ‘Create Account’.

Step 2:

Enter your 12 digit Employee ID, SSN, and First Three letters of your Last Name. If you do not know your Employee ID, call your office or supervisor. They will be able to give you this information. Pay attention to the hints/tips listed under each box.

When you are done, click the ‘I’m not a robot’ box marked in red.

Step 3:

For the ‘I’m not a robot’ section, please read the statement carefully and check all of the corresponding images. If you don’t get it right the first time, you can try it again until you get it right.

Step 4:

Enter all the fields highlighted in yellow. Note: middle name is optional; only first and last name are required. The User ID is the username you will use to log in. Please follow the hints/tips regarding the user ID and password requirements. You will have to enter the password twice to confirm it. When you’re done, click ‘Create Account.’

NOTE: Once you’ve completed this step, your username and password has been saved in the system. If you close the window or need to continue later, you can return to at any anytime and log in using the username and password to continue setting up your account.

However, you won’t be able to access pay stubs or W2s until you complete the ‘Email Verification’ and the ‘Electronic Statement Notification Options’ sections.

Step 5:

For this section, follow the steps in their numbered order:

1. Enter your primary email address twice (first set of boxes marked in red). Make sure the spelling of your email address is correct.
NOTE: The Alternate Email Address and Cell Phone sections are not required and we recommend you skip these sections. The process will be so much easier if you skip and leave these sections blank. You can add this later.

2. Click ‘Verify Email’.

Step 6:

When you click ‘Verify Email’, the program immediately sends an email to the email address you provided.

Check your email immediately and locate the email sent from The subject of the email should be ‘ Email Verification’. It might take a few minutes for the email to arrive. If you do not see it in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.

The email should look like this:

Once you find the code, type it into the Verify Contact Information’ box. (see image below).

This is where you will enter the code from your email. If you clicked the button and nothing happens, make sure there are no extra spaces before or after your email address. NOTE: some non-US based emails may not work.


If you don’t have an email address or the email you provided does not work, Sign up for a Gmail account here. It’s easy to setup and it’s free.

If you don’t see the email within 15 minutes, you should try again. Remove the email address you entered and re-enter it. If this doesn’t work, try a different email address.

When you locate the email, enter the Verification code (above circled in yellow) in the window and click submit, it should say ‘Verified’ in green. Then, you can continue to the next step.

Step 7:

Next, mark the boxes as shown below.

3. If you want to receive your W2s online, click ‘Yes’. If you choose ‘Yes’, make sure to check the Email Address check box next to it.

4. Click ‘Online’.

5. Check the ‘Email’ checkbox.

6. Click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. This question is asking if you want to receive email notifications when your account is being accessed or when your account settings have changed. This is a security measure.

7. Click ‘Save Notification Option Settings’ and you are all done! Your new account has been created! It should automatically log you in.

Are you having trouble logging into

Follow these instructions:

  • Call IT Service Desk Phone Support1-877-892-9655 (Toll-free)
  • Make sure to let them know that “you’re having trouble logging into PaperlessEmployee”.