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HomeRock System

What’s so unique about home care is the time spent providing home-centered care. Caregivers have hundreds of touchpoints with the individuals they serve, producing hundreds of data points. This unique home care data can be used as a predictive modeling tool to improve quality and cost outcomes by predicting and acting on interventions to deter potential incidents, as well as flag social determinants of health, which could otherwise result in individuals being hospitalized or moving to a skilled nursing facility, unable to remain living assisted, but as independently as possible.

Although home care usually refers to a single patient per location, standardized data collection can be analyzed, making the caregiver the eyes and ears of this data set, and in turn creating a well-informed, value based care model, integrating care and allowing for interventions to prevent catastrophic events.

Data Insights to Improve Care

HomeRock allows us to mine data input and analyze the data from our more than 30,000+ caregiver relationships. This gold mine of data gives us the ability to leverage big data analytics to reveal trends, patterns and correlations – leading to improved quality and cost outcomes in the home care system. This is a win-win for clients and their families, home care partners, payors, and the entire system.