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1309 Virginia St
Columbus, GA 31901

706-890-2208 (706) 305-5611 [email protected]
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1309 Virginia St, Columbus, GA, USA

Help at Home is the country’s number one in-home care provider

Our deep local presence allows us to deliver home care at the community level, with backing at the national level by a distinguished leadership team. This combination of local and national influence, coupled with a focus on driving technology and innovation, is our commitment to the development of enhanced, value-based care in the home.

Help at Home has had roots in Georgia for over 40 years. Our experience in the community ensures that you are provided with the right caregiver to meet your needs. We are there for you and your family when you need us.

We are a home care and residential care provider who offers care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your specific needs.

Help at Home provides care throughout Georgia, operating out of 18 offices across the state.

Contact us below to learn more, whether you want to talk with us about developing a customized plan of care for you or a loved one, or you want to know how you can join our team as a paid caregiver to take care of a family member.

We are proud to offer the following services and provide care to those with the following waivers:

        •  Elderly & Disabled Services
        •  Developmental Disability Services
        •  Independent Care Waiver Program
        •  Money Follows the Person
        •  Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP)
        •  Affiliations/Accreditations
        • Structured Family Caregiver

More about Structured Family Caregiver (SFC):

Structured Family Caregiving provides support, education and oversight on behalf of waiver members whose family caregiver lives in the home with the member. The service provides a community-based option of continuous care, support, and professional oversight by promoting a collaborative relationship between the waiver member, primary caregiver, the professional Personal Support Services Health Coach, and the member’s case manager. The waiver member and primary caregiver must be related biologically or by marriage but may not include legally responsible adults such as parents of minor children or un-emancipated adults or spouses of the waiver participants. Additionally, those serving as the Representative Payee as established by the Social Security Administration are also restricted from serving as family caregiver under the Structured Family Care service. (Rev. 4/2022)

The goals of this service include supporting family caregivers through health education, telephonic counseling and active coordination with care management; facilitating the waiver member’s independence in a familiar home environment; offering the option of care by a trusted family member; and supporting the family caregiver as the needs of the waiver member change. These goals are reached through a collaborative relationship between the waiver member, the caregiver, the CCSP or SOURCE case manager, medical providers and the Structured Family Caregiving provider. Effective July 1, 2019, all requests for approval of payment to a live-in family caregiver will be approved only under the Structured Family Caregiver program. Any request for participation in the program must be directed to the member’s Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program (EDWP, which includes CCSP and SOURCE) case manager. If the case manager approves participation based on the member and caregiver eligibility detailed below, they will authorize this service as part of the member’s service plan. NOTE: An EDWP member must have current Georgia Medicaid eligibility prior to approval for the SFC program.