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Help at Home has a deep-rooted culture of caring with its long-standing history of social impact by improving people’s lives so they can remain independent in their homes.

Since 1975, the company has provided in-home care for the most vulnerable populations. Today, with nearly 50 years of experience, it operates in 11 states across nearly 200 offices in urban, suburban and rural settings. The company is embedded in its communities with a deep, local presence that enables the delivery of integrated home care at the local level that’s supported by scale at the national level. This combination of local and national influence, coupled with a focus on driving innovation and a unique value-based home care model, creates high-quality, low-cost outcome care solutions that drive client satisfaction.

Our People Are Our Purpose

We’ve grown into the nation’s largest provider of Medicaid-based Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) with 54,000+ caregivers in Eastern, Southeastern, and Midwestern states. Help at Home hires thousands of new caregivers each month to serve nearly 70,000 clients. To recruit and retain, the company has invested in training and support programs to highlight and recognize caregivers’ work, provide career growth opportunities, and create a sense of purpose and belonging. The results of these investments include the ability for Help at Home to continue to grow in communities it serves with a retention rate that is more than twice the industry average and stood at 68% during 2023. This supportive environment nurtures caregivers and their long-standing relationships, which average 22 hours per week with an average tenure of four years. These high-frequency, longitudinal relationships are gratifying for both the caregiver and the client.

Recruit to Retain: What Sets Us Apart

We offer a caregiver recruitment hotline as well as an automated hiring process which allows candidates to apply for caregiving jobs via their smartphones.

We offer ongoing caregiver training and upskilling, online caregiver communities, and caregiver councils.

We’ve implemented awards programs for caregivers who provide exemplary service.

The Magic of Our Candidate to Caregiver Experience

  • Long Tenures

    We are the only employer of choice for high-quality, long-tenured caregivers

  • Flexibility

    Our market density creates flexibility in caregiver-client matching

  • Retention Rates

    Our caregiver retention rate is higher than industry-average

  • Lasting Relationships

    Our average caregiver tenure of up to 4 years drives lasting client relationships

  • Recruiting

    24/7 tech-enabled recruiting streamlines the hiring process

  • Minimized Turnover

    Robust pre-service training and enhanced matching minimizes turnover

  • On-Boarding

    Enhanced screening, credentialing and training facilitate on-boarding of high-quality, competent and dedicated caregivers

  • Caregiver Development

    Continuous training, enhanced knowledge and skills, and upskilling creates paths for career development

  • Benefits

    Caregivers benefit from recognition programs, branch events and the Help at Home Community Foundation

Client Satisfaction Reporting

Lowering Costs and Improving Quality

We routinely track, monitor and report client satisfaction through Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and are proud of our most current client NPS which is approximately 57 on a scale where above 20 is very good. Our caregiver NPS score was also very good at nearly 42 as of the last quarter of 2023.

Help at Home has partnered with state agencies and managed care organizations to serve communities in need with quality in-home care services in compliance with all standards, regulations and contract requirements. We have relationships with community partners and payors, and nearly 30 value-based care arrangements with the goal to lower costs of care and improve quality and satisfaction across our communities. During 2023, approximately 25% of our clients were in some form of pay-for-performance payment arrangement, providing evidence that we are leaning into quality and the shift towards value-based models.

We are Passionate and Committed to Enriching the Communities We Serve

We do this through various company initiatives including the Help at Home Community Foundation and our employee Give Back Time program. The Help at Home Community Foundation was launched in 2023 with the mission to support and enrich the lives of caregivers, clients, and communities.
Through the Help at Home Community Foundation, and its predecessor Help at Home Cares Fund founded in 2020, Help at Home’s affiliated charities have invested more than $1 million to provide financial relief for associates and their dependents experiencing personal hardships or the effects of a qualified disaster. Donations made to the fund help to provide confidential, tax-free grants to associates when they face the unexpected. Also included in the Help at Home Community Foundation are areas of giving specifically for community outreach, as well as continuing education for caregivers.

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